September 20, 2012

Let's start at the very beginning

A very good place to start! Gotta love Sound of Music! I guess I will start with a little about my husband Gavin and my relationship, since this is a blog about our lives as newlyweds.

Well, we met during our freshman year of college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I met his identical twin at an ice cream social the first night in the dorms and eventually met Gavin by the second week of school. We were just friends at first and I even remember sitting in my dorm room telling one of my girlfriends how they were going to be like my brothers by the time we graduate. (Ha! Well I was half right!) Fall quarter flew by and we became good friends hanging out frequently and going line dancing every week. We came back from winter break and something had changed between the two of us and we started dating in March of 2009.

We did a summer of long distance and then at the beginning of our sophomore year I decided I needed to change my major, which would eventually result in transferring schools. We enjoyed our time living close to each other in the same apartment complex and then in June of 2010 I moved closer to home to Eugene, Oregon to finish school at University of Oregon. We did a year long distance while I finished my degree in sociology. We ended up being able to see each other once every month or two, but it was still a time where we learned a ton about communication and our relationship grew in leaps and bounds.

I graduated in June 2011 and then moved back down to San Luis Obispo to get a job and be closer to Gavin while he finished his senior year as a business administration major with an accounting concentration. Gavin proposed in August and wedding planning commenced! While I was serving a term as an AmeriCorps member and busy planning our wedding Gavin was working two part time jobs, leading a bible study and going to school. Whew! What a busy 10 months that was for both of us!

We had the wedding of my our dreams in June and have been figuring out this whole thing called marriage since! I think that will do as a good beginning for this little blog. And with that, a few of my favorite pictures from the wedding!

Thats all for now, until next time!

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