November 13, 2012

I Got A Job!

As some of you know, last week I had two interviews. The first was at Hobby Lobby, which is like Michael's but bigger. The second was at DSW, which is a shoe store that two of Gavin's brothers work at. My first interview at Hobby Lobby at the interview went really well! So well, in fact, that the manager offered me a job as a cashier at the end of the interview!! The job is seasonal and has a possibility of continuing after the holidays; but, for the time being I will be working 30-35 hours a week! As an added perk the store isn't open on Sundays, so Gavin and I will always have at least one day a week off together which is really nice.

These are just some of the aisles of seasonal that we have. It would take so many more pictures to give a tour of the store so I figured I would just post some of the Christmas and Fall stuff.

I started last Thursday and worked Friday and Saturday as well. This week I am working Monday thru Friday 11am-6pm, which means I only get home an hour or so later than Gavin. The store is a little old school so it doesn't have scanners and because of that we have to key in the price of each item, which department it is in (by memory) and the discount if it is on sale (also by memory). For a store with over 80,000 items there has been a little bit of a learning curve on the departments and the sale items. Overall, I am really enjoying the job so far! The other employees are really friendly and (most) of the customers are in a good mood too. The fact that the store is full of things that I could use to craft, make projects off Pinterest and decorate just makes the job even more enjoyable. For now it is nice to have a job and be able to work while I figure out what my next step is.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and my job hunt! It is such a blessing to see God answer our prayers!!

In other news, all of our stuff got delivered Wednesday evening before I started work. It was nice to be able to have that night to get some things unpacked before I started working. We are slowly getting everything unpacked and put away in the apartment. I am so looking forward to the day when everything is unpacked and all the boxes are out of our apartment! I am hoping to be able to get a lot unpacked and settled this weekend since I have Saturday and Sunday off this weekend.

Gavin and I went to another church on Sunday, but still aren't sure of where we will end up. We will most likely try another church on Sunday and keep praying for the community that God has for us. It isn't that we have been to a bad church yet, but we haven't felt like any of the churches are necessarily where we are supposed to be. We will keep trying churches and start going back a second time to some and hopefully find a church home soon.

I am going to try hard to update this more often! I have a couple of projects that I want to get started on once everything is settled. So hopefully next week sometime I will be able to start working on those! Thanks for reading!

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