November 2, 2012

Since Being In Nashville...

***If you missed the post on our drive across the country you can scroll down or click here! Now back to the regularly scheduled post***

Alrighty then, I left off last time that we had just got into Nashville. We got in on Monday night and Gavin started work the next Wednesday, so the plan was to do some intense apartment hunting and getting to know the area on Tuesday. Our waitress Monday night at the sports bar was super nice and when I mentioned that we had just got in and were looking for an apartment she wrote down a list of complexes that she would recommend living in. Another woman over heard us and welcomed us to Tennessee and also gave us some advice about what neighborhoods are better than others.

Tuesday morning we went to look at an apartment complex in an area called “Brantioch” that is the area between Brentwood (a pretty nice area) and Antioch (a not so nice area). The apartment was decent, but it was a hop skip and a jump away from the airport and even in the short time we were there a flight flew over and it was loud. Not unbearable loud, but not like it just blended in with the surrounding ambient noise. We had some time before our next apartment viewing, so we drove into downtown Nashville and got a feel for the different areas of downtown. We looked at an apartment in Green Hills, which is another pretty nice neighborhood. The apartment was older and would have been at least a 20-30 minute commute for Gavin and when we didn't know where I would be working it just wasn't very practical since we only have one car. Then we went down to the area where Gavin is working called Cool Springs, which is technically in Franklin. We went to 4 apartment complexes within a couple of miles from Gavin’s office. We toured 3 of them and 1 did not have any openings until the end of November. We had our favorite of the day, but wanted to check out some other apartments in Franklin before making our final decision.

The next day I dropped Gavin off at his first day of work and went to look at more apartments. I went to 4 complexes and toured 3 of them; again 1 didn’t have any openings. I wasn't super impressed with any of the complexes I visited that day. So, we talked things over and decided to go with our favorite from the first day!

The complex we ended up going with was one that we were driving by and decided to just stop in to see if they had openings. We are so glad that we decided to stop by because that is where we ended up! We applied and were able to sign a lease and get the keys Friday night. We were so excited to be able to finally have a place to call ours!! We love the community so far and have met a couple of our neighbors! We are so excited for what our time here will hold and all of the life we will get to live here. So, here are some pictures of our apartment:

The outdoor covered area at the clubhouse
The pool
The island and kitchen
The view from our balcony
Part of our balcony and the door to the living room
Our bedroom
The closet
 It even turns a corner to the left! 
I love that we have a washer and dryer in the apartment!
From the corner of the living/dining room

We are still getting settled here and our stuff will be delivered by the moving company next week and then the big task of unpacking begins! In the meantime, I am looking for a job either in the retail area or a job in the social services field. Even if I get a job in the retail area I will keep looking for a job in the social services area to take another step toward my future career goals. Any prayers for the job search would be greatly appreciated!

Last Sunday we went to a church in the area that one of Gavin’s co-workers goes to. We liked the church, but are still going to check out some other churches in the area and see what they are like. There is no shortage of churches in the area, so we are really optimistic that we will be able to find a church that is on fire for Jesus and we fit into. We are so looking forward to finding a church home and getting plugged in somewhere!

Overall, we really like the area so far and all of the people that we have met truly do have the Southern Hospitality that people always talk about. Gavin and I have a running joke of “You know you’re in the South when…” We need to start writing them down so we can share them with you all later.

That ended up a pretty long post again! The next one won’t have to cover so much ground so it should be shorter! Thanks for reading and keeping up on our life! I miss everyone over on the West Coast and would love to hear what is going on in your life as well! Now that we have the internet set up in our apartment I foresee some skype dates in the future!!


  1. KC... it's so fun reading about your new, exciting life with Gavin! I can't believe you're actually living in Tennessee! I totally know what you mean about Southern hospitality... I got to visit my grandparents in Arkansas this summer, and the people there are wonderful! I will definitely be chatting for you both as you get settled and begin to figure out life there, and I'll especially be chatting that Dad provides a job opportunity for you that is right where He wants you! So glad we serve a Dad who never leaves or forsakes us! Sending lots of love from the East!!!

    1. Lindsey! Thank you so much for reading and chatting for us! It means so much to us and Dad provides!! If you are ever in the South again in the future let us know! We would love to show you around Nashville!

  2. Hi KC,
    Glad I found your blog from Facebook! I've caught up with your new adventure now. I just wanted to mention that we visited Christ Community Church in Franklin a couple of years ago. We enjoyed it, but it's big. It's on Hillsboro Rd.

    We're looking forward to meeting you on Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks for reading Adie! We will have to check out Christ Community Church one of these next Sundays! I am looking forward to meeting you and all of your family at Thanksgiving!