February 28, 2013

Exploring Our New(ish) Town

This last weekend Gavin and I had plans to explore downtown Nashville and go to the Country Music Hall of Fame. When Gavin won tickets to the Opry from a radio station they also included tickets to the Hall of Fame. We were going to go on Saturday since I had the day off, but when we got to the Hall of Fame there was a line around the block to get in. It just so happened to be a free admission day and since we already had tickets we decided not to wait in line.

We were already downtown and decided to explore some areas that we hadn't been to yet. The area we checked out is called "the gulch" and is an area of revitalization. We went to Yazoo Brewery and Gavin tried a new beer they had on tap. After that we checked out a liquor store called Frugal MacDoogal. Now the fact that we check out new liquor stores all the time might seem a little odd to those of you in Oregon or California. However, because of the Tennessee liquor laws the only place to buy wine or beers above 6.3% abv. Every liquor store has different stock and we are always looking for new wines and beers. At Frugal MacDoogal's Gavin found a couple beers that he had been searching for.

Our last stop of exploring was to try a Nashville dish called hot chicken. It is fried chicken that is then smothered in cayenne pepper or paprika. The place we went to is called 400 Degrees and it lived up to the name! We tried the 100 and 200 degree chicken and it still made me sweat and my eyes water. There are actually quite a few places around Nashville that claim to have the best hot chicken and eventually we want to try all of them!

Sunday after church we went to a potluck lunch with other young married couples at a couple from the church's house. It was great to be able to spend time getting to know other young couples and just having a fun afternoon! We are really excited to be getting to know some other married couples our age!

In other news, this week I finished painting our dresser and nightstands! I am really happy with how they turned out and I will be posting about it soon. Right now I am deciding which knobs to use and then they will be done!

In my last post I wrote how Gavin had his last licensing test this week and I am so excited to write that he passed! So he is done with all of his tests before getting a spot as an internal wholesaler! He is interviewing next week and any prayers for his preparation and the interview itself would be much appreciated!

Well, that was a lot of writing and no pictures - sorry! Next time I promise that there will be more pictures!! Thanks for reading!

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