February 21, 2013

The Past Few Weeks

Eeep! How is it almost a month since I last posted?! Well I thought I would tell you about what we have been up to through my instagram pictures and fill in where there aren't any pictures.

A few weeks ago we made a quick trip down to Ikea in Atlanta to get some furniture. Part of the reason I love Ikea so much is because we could fit a queen bed frame, dresser, 2 nightstands and a coffee table in the 2 door Accord!

We experienced our first tornado siren going off and then two days later we had a dusting of snow! There was definitely damage from the tornado that we could see around town, but thankfully nothing too major. 

We went out to lunch and got a flat tire...

This was my drive into work a couple of weeks of ago! It was snowing so hard, but by the time I got off it had all melted away.

Before we went to a party at one of Gavin's coworkers for the Superbowl I made cookies and Gavin put together our bed frame from Ikea.

Our new bed all put together! It has been so nice to not have the mattress on the floor anymore.

For Valentine's Day I made dinner and we had a nice dinner at home. Gavin had his series 63 test the next morning, so he was also studying for that. He passed the test and only has one more test to take before he can get a spot and an internal wholesaler! He is taking the state insurance test early next week and will then be able to interview!

We had Monday off work together and ran some errands, including going to Home Depot to buy paint for our dresser and nightstands. I was going to paint yesterday and today, but it has been too cold! I'm hoping I will be able to get some painting in this weekend since it is supposed to get above 50. The paint says that it is supposed to be at least 50 out and I am going to follow the directions rather than risk it.

Well I think that is pretty much it for now!

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