April 21, 2013

Music City Indeed!

Nashville's nickname is the Music City and this month Gavin and I truly felt like it lived up to its name! In the last two weeks we went to three amazing concerts here in Nashville.

The first concert we went to was a Tyrone Wells concert. We had seen him live before, so we knew we were in for an amazing show! The concert was at a venue called 3rd and Lindsley and was more of an intimate setting which is awesome for concerts. Tyrone did not disappoint and put on a phenomenal concert! We even got to meet him again after the show!

The second concert we went to was put on by one of the local country radio stations as a benefit concert for St. Jude Children's Hospital. The concert was a bunch of country songwriters telling the stories behind the song and performing them. The talent of all the songwriters blew me away! Now it was obvious why some of them are only songwriters and not singers as well, but most of them were pretty good. It was awesome to hear the background behind why the songs were written as well. The radio DJ who organized the event, Amy Paige, mentioned that it might become an annual event and I truly hope it does!

The two sets of AMAZING songwriters!

At the beginning of the night the MC announced that there would be a special guest later in the show and it ended up being Christ Young! Gavin and I were really excited considering they hadn't advertised that there would even be a special guest at the concert.

The last concert we went to was the second night of Rites of Spring which takes place on the Vanderbilt campus every year. There was a whole night of concerts, but the main reason we went was to see Mat Kearney. As with Tyrone, we had seen Mat Kearney before but were still looking forward to another great concert. Well, Mat didn't disappoint us either! He put on a great show and we were in the very front for it! Need to Breathe performed after Mat Kearney and was the last of the night. However, after they played Something Beautiful we decided to head out and beat the crowd leaving. I didn't really know many of Need to Breathe's songs, but a bunch of the people around us did and I guess they are a lot more popular in the south.

All in all it was an amazing month of live music for us here in Nashville! Gavin and I are loving the music scene around here and are really trying to soak it all in. As always, thanks for reading!

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