January 31, 2014

Insta Friday

One of the bloggers that I follow posts pictures from her instagram every Friday and I have decided to start doing that as well. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, right? Also I am hoping that it will encourage me to take more pictures. I sometimes will think about taking a picture or posting one to instagram, but then never do. So here is my one picture from instagram this last week!

Gavin and I went to a bar called the Patterson House last Saturday after we checked out a place that had west coast swing dancing (it was a flop). Patterson House is an unmarked bar and set up to feel like a speakeasy and is super classy. It was fun and drinks were delicious, but at $12 a pop we will probably opt to make our own at home most of the time.

Here is hoping I have a few more pictures to share next Friday!

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