May 11, 2013

Big City and Farm Living

This last week I have experienced some big city living and then country farm living.

We went to the Nashville Symphony a week ago. It was a thank you from a co-worker who really needed to change shifts. (What a generous thank you, right?!) We had very good seats and the concert hall was stunning. However, I have to admit that I nodded off a couple of times. I never was very good at staying awake through symphony performances - even when I was in band myself. Oh well!

We did get all dressed up to go and that is always fun! After the symphony we went to grab a drink. It felt like such a grown up date!

Yesterday I went with Kelsey (one of the wives from the young marrieds group) to visit a family from the church. They have a homestead and have a huge garden, bunnies, chickens and goats. All of the animals were so cute and we got to hold one of the rabbits and one of the kids (baby goats)! It was awesome to go out and see what they have done with their land. 

It has been such a fun week of new experiences!

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