May 19, 2013

Opportunities to Serve

Gavin and I are really excited about opportunities at church that have come up. We are serving at the welcome desk once a month and after Gavin brings back his bass from California he is going to play with the worship band once a month or so. Part of why we are excited and thankful for these opportunities to serve is because we feel like serving at our church is part of being a member of the church body. Even though we could barley distinguish between guests and members this morning we are looking forward to getting to know members of the church that we normally would not interact with.

Also I am volunteering for the first part of the church's VBS and have signed up to help in the Children's Ministry in the future as well. I am looking forward to helping out at the VBS since I enjoyed volunteering at Calvary's last year.

On the whole, we are so thankful and feel so blessed that we have found a church community that we are able to get plugged into and serve in.

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